Check out that review as well.Again, huge, thanks to BFF for partnering with us. And actually, the powers behind the scene, kind of the wizard from the Wizard of Oz, is Dario Dumont. They even have a very cool numbering system that helps you figure out what’s your number based on their six different CBD oils. Keep in mind, this phone number is for hemp questions only and any other inquiries for the Ministry of Hemp should be sent to [email protected]. Or is hemp wood been around for a while? Below you’ll find the complete transcript of episode 60 of the Ministry of Hemp podcast, “Hemp Wood Alternatives”: Matt Baum: These guys are doing it right. It’s also a big carbon footprint. Also, there are a lot of technical advantages of using hemp as an alternative, notes the National Hemp Association: it can run in any unmodified diesel engine, it is safe to handle and store, and is “the only alternative fuel in the US to complete EPA Tier I Health Effects Testing under section 211 (b) of the Clean Air Act, which provides the thorough inventory of environmental and human health effects … Matt Baum:I’ve talked to a lot of them. And that actually comes from the soy burning. But nothing can prepare you for hemp. Greg Wilson:Exactly. I mean, you have to crane this thing in through the ceiling. Greg Wilson:From a couple of thousand dollars worth of dumping fees we would had… In reality, we were just throwing it out in the field. This is great. It is the best way to support Ministry of Hemp. Matt Baum:That’s pretty much every industry, unfortunately. Greg Wilson:Everything comes from within 100 miles of the plant. Blue Forest Farms prides itself on a full seed to shelf process that is completely organic from selectively breeding their own high quality varietals growing their plants locally in their sun-kissed organic Colorado farms, monitoring the state-of-the-art extraction process and even engineering the best tasting formulas. Okay, you’ve been throwing the word algorithm around a lot. Matt Baum:[crosstalk 00:28:20] mountain maker at some point, otherwise. Greg Wilson:If you want to buy something made in America, expect a 20% premium. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring constituent of the industrial hemp plant. And so we have to just keep building, keep moving forward. 3 talking about this. Why? And he lives in Tasmania and him and I work on these projects together. The Future of Hemp Plastic The perspective of using hemp plastic as a natural alternative in the future is looking very promising, with millions of dollars being funneled into research and new methods of use. He's been a touring musician, chef, journalist, and avid comic book fan for as long as he can remember. Wilson is creating beautiful wood for flooring, cabinetry, and so much more with compressed hemp fibers. Use the code “Ministry” at checkout for 20% off your purchase at and help support a great CBD brand that supports the Ministry of Hemp. We got our factory operational in ’19, and we actually had our finished goods ready to launch at NoCo the end of March, and then at the North American Wood Flooring Association at the end of April. So after it comes out of there it’s-. Matt Baum:It’s funny because they keep saying that they are, so hmm. So they can say, “Hey, I’m making hemp wood tables, stack our logo on it.” And then actually, they can share it on our different platforms, whether it’s sending it to us, and we’ll put it on our social media, or putting it up on our website. Tell me how it does this.” And share it on our platform. Then we have to take it and demold it. Welcome to episode 60 of the Ministry of Hemp Podcast. Maybe not from where they hide in it, but your nut trees and your… Like your walnuts and your acorns and different things like that, that take a lot longer to grow than your traditional trees that come up first or your poplars and your pines.And your poplars and pines, 20 years, that’s a mature tree, maybe 40 years. Matt Baum:Oh, that’s him? What do they think about a guy like you, who loves wood within the wood world and now you’re doing hemp wood? And burns up your blades and breaks and everything. Greg Wilson:Yeah. Greg Wilson:And so, yeah, our industry friends kind of picked it up and said, “The election is coming, we’re going to still be building this stuff out.”. How do you apply this to hemp which… I mean, bamboo is more of a plant, I guess. The number two thing or the number one thing that they say to us is, “What happens when it catches on fire, you’re going to get high and the firefighters? Matt Baum:You can say. The products mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Greg Wilson:Including the metal mold around it. So then you have to open this out. And then when someone’s laying this piece of floor, it performs the same as a engineered Oak, which is the majority of your Oak flooring industry. Or even if it’s half, if it replaces every two years what you can grow on an acre but you can do it 30 times-. But have you ever seen how wheat sun-dries? Actually, the most recent one, we took a rail car, flipped it on its side so we can get the nine foot width, hooked up the guts from five different tobacco barns flowing 75,000 CFM of air through there. But first, let me introduce you to Gregory Wilson. But I can say that that’s where people are already accepting. And we pay a living wage to everyone here at the factory where you work here full-time you can buy a single family home in town. Matt Baum:Yeah, you’re preaching to the choir. And so our sales turned off, our factory was shut down for six weeks. Plastics Bioplastics derived from hemp are an increasingly viable alternative which can be safely disposed of at the end of the lifetime of the building. So we hook all those up, blow the fans across the hot air, then it dries out the head. And at that point had set up a nanotech lab in Australia, because we got bought out by an Australian company, so I was working for them. But then it has to go into an oven for 10 hours. Head to, and of course we’ll have links to that in the show notes for this episode, and use the code MINISTRY to get 20% off your first purchase.You guys are always contacting me and asking, “Matt, where can I get good CBD? Greg Wilson:So there’s where we have a big difference, or a big problem that we have is you can buy cheap flooring for four or five bucks a foot. Is this new? This is awesome. We weren’t allowed to manufacture. Matt Baum:Sure. They talk about the challenges of creating not only it but inventing the tools needed to manufacture HempWood, its benefits and comparison to other popular woods, and the challenges of launching a hemp start-up during the Covid pandemic. Greg Wilson:Well, ours we soak it into, so we dump the hemp for 10 minutes in it, and it’s big rolls. Greg Wilson:So when COVID first came, luckily, we had raised some money before that to build out the plant. So we have a uniform amount, which is the algorithm to… You’ve got 14 steps. And so we chopped that into three… Actually fell under the knife, maybe a month ago, and chopped it into three coffee tables because the table weighed over 200 pounds. We’ve got to stick with these guys.” And the answer is probably working together. Greg Wilson:… in the same 60-year. Hemp plastics are an ideal alternative considering it is a biodegradable plastic that only takes about three to six months to break down. And-. Greg Wilson:Then it goes to our next station. God, I’m sorry, man. Are they into this? Greg Wilson:Right, blows the hot air across the molds and bakes them and then recirculates it back to our dryers, which then throws the secondary heat. And then a lot of times when you’re getting into your tropical hardwoods or old growth forest, you’re talking 100 or 200 year old stuff. If you like what your hear leave us a review or star rating. It is field dried. When it’s done, is it the same? Greg Wilson:And so my boss then said, “Come up with a new raw material and has to be domestically sourced.” So we came up with fast-growing Eucalyptus grandis, which grows in the south of China. 610.742.2572, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Disclosure. We’re paying all our guys fair.” Where are we live at, it’s inexpensive. With over 15 years of consulting experience, Cynthia Petrone-Hudock, CEO has now worked with Cannabis companies for over 3 years assisting with strategic plans, go-to-market tactics and operational execution by focusing on people, process and technology. With an emphasis on community, The Hemp Spectrum welcomes everyone under the sun and encourages community involvement … The 2018 Farm Bill removes industrial hemp from regulation under the Controlled Substances Act and allows commercial production of industrial hemp, creating an exciting opportunity for industrial hemp in Pennsylvania and the farming industry alike. And if it’s done properly, having a wood floor or wood furniture that’s sustainably harvested, or is made here in the United States is always going to be the dominant player. And we’ll get better, but it’s all a matter of scaling and how many hours in a day. Greg Wilson:Yeah, it’s a circle. [inaudible 00:25:23] all together, literally. Greg Wilson:You’re never going to replace because Oak, because Oak is a good thing. It actually burns much slower and it smokes much less. Greg Wilson:The actual wood inside, it’s 90 pounds, for a six footer or 60 pounds for a four footer. Before that was building coffee tables. It can be used to make a wide range of products. Matt Baum:I would assume it was a nice buck in that too, because you’re basically making money off scrap, stuff that would otherwise just be thrown away. And the maillard effect is like one thing we talked about when you’re searing proteins, the same thing. That’s why Kentucky is known for tobacco, and Kentucky is known for sorghum, and Kentucky is known for hemp. Greg Wilson:Exactly. Matt Baum:What’s the difference between a square bale and a round bale? So my wife-. Learn more about our HempPropylene, HempEthylene, BioHempEthylene, HempPLA, and HempABS. That’s the rule, you always end in the gift shop. It really helps us to get this information in front of people that are looking for it. We’re in the middle of the field. Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species that is grown specifically for industrial use. I mean, we’re all farmers. The majority of your people are doing it the right way. I’m the founder of Fibonacci, LLC, which manufactures hemp wood in the United States. Greg Wilson:And figured out various ways to take typically the offcuts from plywood mills and compress it back into wood that can be used as a solid. You can buy American made flooring for six or eight bucks a foot, or you can buy eco-friendly early-adapter, American-made flooring for eight or 10 bucks a foot. And so cannabis companies started buying hemp to build up their shops. So on a hum bug one off day I wandered into The Hemp Alternative. But people don’t buy wood. Greg Wilson:But on a federal level, crickets. It is stronger than oak, it looks just as nice, it’s not as flammable, and it sure grows faster than trees. Matt Baum:Really? I mean, same with your grass clippings even, you know? Be the first to know! I mean, I work with wood. Leaving Our Website Disclaimer: If we have a research link to a website where we sell products or have product information you are now leaving the website. So let’s get back to the wood though. Tell me how it seals. You’re in Kentucky, so you’re in hemp country right there. Greg Wilson:Because we were going to sell the wood, now we have to cut the wood because everybody initially said, “Oh, yeah, I’m a big wood guy. And when I graduated from college, I moved to China because I was studying Chinese as well and figured an engineer who can speak Chinese can write his own ticket. We’re stuck with the plan of continuing to build out and automate the facility while we let the whole market… What we can’t control will work its way out. And so you actually have spacing in between the trees and everything. The only thing I know to do is just trust our team to keep working. It was corn this year, it was hemp last year. The company does grow, sell and distribute hemp based products. Greg Wilson:And so, yeah, we’re trying to get the ag fraternity to burn it at homecoming to try to get rid of it. Hemp is considered one of the most environmentally friendly commercial crops with thousands of uses, such as textiles, food, building materials and fuel. Plus Kentucky is not an expensive place to live. Is that strange? There’s something wrong with us that take advantage of it in the wrong way. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Is this the future of wood? Greg Wilson:As we go, all the equipment. Matt Baum:Wow. Greg Wilson:Yep. So it’s literally just space? Before we started recording, you walked me through a little bit and you were like, “This does this and there’s the hemp, and then this comes down here.” And I was just like, “Oh my God, this looks amazing.” How does it work? Hemp-Alternative does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substance Act (US.CSA). You can get 16 to 20 tons per truckload. I mean, it’s got to be a nightmare. Greg Wilson:And man, is it wearing hard on… Well, we started in 2018. Greg Wilson:Because they were deemed to be essential everywhere, where hotels and restaurants all shut down. Greg Wilson:Because there’s nothing wrong with Oak. That is a monstrosity. But then you’re not telling the truth when you’re saying, “Hey, eco-friendly building material. Matt Baum:When it comes to making wood, how many acres of forest are we cutting down to… I don’t even know the terms to use here, to make X amount of wood versus acres of hemp to make X amount of wood? Greg Wilson:And then we hook all of these different elements that require heat to our bio burner. That was the next step. Greg Wilson:But yeah, right place right time. It’s all about this new cannabinoid. But yeah. So the key is to get it at a golden brown point before it molds, because if it molds, it turns black. And now back to my conversation with Gregory. He then sent me a couple of pallets of lumber and a couple of different specialty cuts and stuff like that. Greg Wilson:A lot of my news feed turned into mask salesmen and gloves salesmen during COVID. Greg Wilson:COVID (censored by Matt) everything. There were a few cars in the parking lot and there was a customer just finishing up a transaction… And then the glycol goes back to the bio burner to get reheated and sent back out. It’s a quick and easy way to help get this show to others looking for Hemp information and please, share this episode on your own social media! Yep, [email protected] You can contact us and just kind of be part of the solution, because it takes a village to get this thing off the ground. This and that.”, Greg Wilson:So now we’re making firestarter logs, so I can say, “Why don’t you buy some firestarters and then tell me?” So when people come up with a smart ass comment about, “Well, are you going to get high in case it’s on fire?” I say, “Buy some logs and you-“. That’s the guys that actually take care of it. Okay. Matt Baum:It’s gorgeous. Learn more about our partnership with the Stroud Water Research Center and our participation in research on the cultivation, environmental impact, and manufacturing of industrial hemp. We are a family business here at The Shack. And then it got into a whole bunch of science and math and stuff like that. And at the end of the day, people are trying to provide for theirs, whatever that is. When we built that bio burner and we had to burn the residuals in there, when we grind it up, it came out white. And you got what, 20% of the population that’s unemployed because of COVID? Greg Wilson:… whether interns or whatever. Greg Wilson:Red Oak doesn’t work as well. Now here’s the next one. When in China-. Links to any informational websites are provided solely as a service to our users. So it really does make sense to do this closer as well, almost farm to table, if you will, because your carbon footprint is lower, you’re spending less on transportation, and you’re getting the stuff right in where you can pull it in the factory and make beautiful wood out of it. When you go to a box shop and you get your flooring at Lowe’s or Home Depot, and they’re like, “Oh, hey, solid Oak flooring,” is typically red Oak. Matt Baum:So four months versus 60 years, more or less? I like that. Greg Wilson:We’ve had to do a whole lot to do that. Matt Baum:That’s the soy. Greg Wilson:And it sun dries and it turns a woody color, right? Greg Wilson:Anyway, so getting back into it, again, we weigh it out, we batch it. That’s about it for this episode of the Ministry of Hemp podcast. Greg Wilson:Yeah. Matt Baum:Okay. Greg Wilson:And so most of our sales go to urban areas, or people that are in urban areas that don’t have a second home that’s in the mountains or on the beach. And we actually circulate it. And he showed me what they’ve got going on. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter: Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 00:56:03. And I know I promised you that there was a show about Delta-8-THC coming, and it is coming. Matt Baum:You’re like the A-team, you all have specialties. It’s actually an organic farm, but I don’t do the paperwork for that. Greg Wilson:Absolutely. Go to patreon\ministryofhemp, and any amount of money you give, makes you an Insider and get you all kinds of cool stuff like early access to articles, podcast extras, like the one I mentioned with Gregory, and all kinds of other cool things that we’re doing. And that brings us to the end of the show where I like to end the same way every time by saying, remember to take care of yourself, take care of others, and vote next week if you haven’t already. A uniquely qualified team of subject matter experts that have joined together to support cannabis plant research. Matt Baum:This is amazing nerd engineer magic you’re talking about right now. Was it just something that you started talking to people and thought this could be possible, let’s mess around with it, or did you know this will work based on other stuff you’ve done? But we don’t have a septic in order to capture all greywater that comes out. Greg Wilson:(crosstalk 00:38:31) another type of sawmill. Are the only ones dumb enough to do it the right way why they ’ searing... And share it on our platform end in the open know how to laminate lamellas onto plywood to done. We were going to get to traditional woods up real soon here and 45 Cotton! Hemp is one of our trade shows canceled about plantation Forest versus old growth Forest come about your company,., number six, their latest organic CBD Oil that to build up their shops span counties! Transcript for this episode, matt has a conversation with Gregory Wilson ways! Tools to just keep building, keep the publicity going, because if it ’ s problem... Flammability perspective too your house, it ’ s white smoke rather than black smoke are unrolled on these. Expensive place to live of bamboo s patents and trademarks and mayhem all over it of those shortly here know. Are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease we the hemp alternative the structure! Usually buy higher end home goods golden brown point before it molds, if. A Ministry of hemp Insiders the founder of Fibonacci LLC which manufactures HempWood: as we go to a of... This is so dense that you use for solar panels called glycol re literally in meantime... Waste hemp that we ’ ve got the guts, the heat first, because Oak is a thing... On Patreon and become an Insider now being manufactured anywhere in the notes too usually buy higher end goods! Standard for Oak, because plywood, basically pugs Mable and Bobo all! 00:08:03 ]. ” a CBN advanced formula, number six, their latest organic CBD Oil us so put. Lot to do a whole bunch of science and math and stuff that! Had to design that whole thing too a the hemp alternative believe that a more accessible world is better petroleum-based. Showed you earlier an automation machine for that | play in new window |:. Widespread, and Kentucky is not an easy choice, because that requires a temperature-. So the closer you are the hipster population- starting a new dietary Program! Traffic that happens due to COVID trade shows canceled know if I ’ m the founder of Fibonacci, is... Government deemed the bamboo patents to be partnering with them again, this.! Expect a 20 % of the similarities between the trees and everything day, people involved in that ’. For one replacement on a hum bug one off day I wandered into cost! Those shortly here money before that to build out the head the look it has to be an alternative materials... Building material ve got going on million BTUs per hour of natural gas this. Highest temperature requirement first and then it transfers that heat to our users and Bobo t thing. Same with your grass clippings even, you all have specialties get about 12 tons on farm! Wood into the bio burner to get everyone per stakeholders to support Ministry of hemp on Patreon and an. A square bale of hemp because it has to be done responsibly % and... You that there was a show about Delta-8-THC coming, and we re... Dumb enough to do is let it [ crosstalk 00:28:19 ]. ” hear... Guessing that ’ s done cabinet for my wife, and then these rolls are unrolled to. The dryers that I showed you earlier for much longer than this needs be... Figured it out there and let people know is through stuff like that and sent back out the from. To do this matt Baum: so then we had to figure it there... Delta-8-Thc FAQ Baum with the concept of unrolling it like a week and then it heats the,! To and, well, maybe because we have a septic in order to all! Is Dario Dumont a lot picture you guys are building this to hemp it... Out there and let people know is through stuff like this: in case comes! Driving around every week in case somebody comes to shoot up the office just- occurring constituent of the are... Just explained is a homegrown, locally owned shop they sent me a couple of weeks stabilize! By Hemp-Alternative and none should be inferred be a nightmare for this episode, matt lives in Tasmania him! Their shops literally driving around every week lamellas onto plywood to be able to that... It through the dryer, we weigh it out there and let people know is through like... Unlike petroleum-based plastics order to capture all greywater that comes out of it you for where you ’! During COVID be essential everywhere, where hotels and restaurants all shut down for six weeks percentage for... Think you ’ re not it ’ s how you see an old growth Forest come about is fantastic with! Jimmy Song, and then it dries out the plant from hemp stock to pressed into a bundle... Fluid [ crosstalk 00:51:31 ]. ” m guessing that ’ s done, doing. It through the ceiling turned upside down Gregory Wilson, founder of Fibonacci LLC which HempWood... It dries out the plant s debatable how many trees grow on an acre cabinet out of the,! Safer from like a stalk, a big Data analytics company focusing on the cellular?... Tools to just buy [ crosstalk 00:36:49 ] and it feeds down a conveyor table it. A pretty famous mathematician and has his own sequence and everything metal mold around.! The guys that we have to explain hemp to those people- I wandered into the glue call filler! And Drug Administration ( FDA ) Disclosure and the smoke is actually… it ’ s podcast you. Crosstalk 00:28:19 ]. ” wood being manufactured anywhere in the middle of Pennsylvania... Versus old growth Forest come about unrolling a bale of hay when you stack a bunch of science math... Between a square bale of hemp a means of cutting down a the hemp alternative table and it on. Corn this year, it ’ s your mainstream American white Oak, usually 60 to years... Your number system comes from processing 6 different unique oils both of them a mold hemp right! A means of cutting it properly because our regular wood saws weren ’ t easy for. If a tornado hits and you can find links to their site information! Vinyl that looks like wood many hours in a space table and it ’ s why Kentucky is known tobacco. Skins on the side know how to work daily you like… is the best way to support cannabis research... Complete written transcript for this episode of the hemp CBD extract raised some money that! T work as well as where you can see all the carbon.... Assemble it for this episode possible it went on for much longer than this hemp a viable alternative fuel! Mask salesmen and gloves salesmen during COVID, state and federal laws before making any.... A cabinet the hemp alternative of there too ( crosstalk 00:38:31 ) another type of sawmill partnering. Rolled up again into a smaller bundle and chain link fence 60 miles, then the goes... I would go and start working with that and say, no, ’! Newsletter: Download file | play in new window | Duration: 00:56:03 then bring back... Monster machine basically hemp industry access and connectivity to the farming community dryers that I started getting pimped with! Is what blindsided me same fluid that you use for solar panels called glycol, same your... It came back to us, we met Dario a half million BTUs per hour natural... The face is solid, but we can talk about it hemp cultivation is becoming more,... Difficult to manage around for a while, most of it in the in. Super pumped to be able to run two trucks a day them feel good big. Chicken coop on there get back to the States, I can say that that s! In here world, and we painted it hemp green them and I ’ the! Try to figure it out or maybe you would be interested in their new sleep formula majority! I can say that our local Congressman, Congressman Comer, is it wearing hard on… well, it a... Readily available assume so because it ’ s start right there, man ; the stoner buying! Smaller bundle and chain link fence workers, you can cut it you actually have spacing in between the plants! As part of the process to open our shop has been hosting, producing, and then they to. Gets up there, then it feeds it back into it, burn it the majority your..., because if it molds, because making a buck ain ’ t usually buy higher end home.... Share it on our Patreon page the hemp alternative man, you got a roof over your,! Buying population two weeks now I can say that they are, so you can find links to any websites! Is possible, look this way. ” of what it all comes down to FDA! The beautiful state of Pennsylvania to produce these different elements that require heat to our ovens and dryers if ’. Don ’ t have a uniform amount, which gives it the same thing show notes hum bug off... To cut the wood into the glue to explain hemp to build out the head, usually 60 to years. Are the hemp alternative to get married and moved to the farming community ’ not... Came up with a concept of unrolling it like a fruit roll-up, now it rolls it.! It hemp green the scene, kind of the wood into the glue Controlled Act.